A strong SEO strategy will help your business generate more leads and get found by potential customers, but search engines are constantly switching up and tightening up their criteria for high rankings. We help our clients discover the right keywords to rank for, re-write content to have a better chance of discovery, audit and prioritize technical improvements, get insights on competitor benchmarking, and much more. While SEO improvements can take time to show results, we also build paid search campaigns that help you get immediate visibility for top searches.

Every year, over 2.8 trillion search queries are made on Google alone. It can be the first step in a buyer journey, the middle and the last. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be in front of your client or customer when they are looking for you.

Our Strategy

Our SEO Strategy is based on the 4R's of SEO success. The process is designed to deliver the best keyword/strategy based on the Reach of the keyword, Relevance to your business, Rank of that keyword and the best Result possible from that outcome.


Reach is simply how many searches are being performed on Google for the previous period. Reach can be looked at “locally” (U.S. searches) or globally. Furthermore, they can be looked at by “match type” of Exact, Phrase or Broad match.


Relevance comes from the client’s expert knowledge of their consumer. We look to determine if the keyword/phrase is relevant to the client’s product or service. Digital Commons also analyzes Google Paid Search Average Cost per Click (CPC) data as a relevance factor. CPC data gives insights into what someone would pay to get a high rank on Google Adwords. A high CPC means the keywords are valuable and implies it is highly relevant to the Adwords buyer


Looking at our clients’ current organic rankings, along with the competitive landscape, we can determine how much effort is required to get the desired outcome. While we always strive for Top 5 Ranking, the true goal is driving qualified traffic and generating more sales and/or leads.


Based on the research performed on the above three R’s, Digital Commons can recommend a plan that has proven to produce trackable results. Results are tracked using industry-standard tools that pull the client's Rank Position on a monthly basis. Using these reports, Digital Commons can see how the content marketing and SEO efforts are improving our client’s rankings. It also allows Digital Commons to pivot if unforeseen results occur or once goals are obtained.

On Page SEO

Optimization for your onsite keyword strategy to drive leads and sales.

Technical SEO

Best industry-wide technical practices to improve your site's visibility.

Off Page SEO

Best industry-wide technical practices to improve your site's visibility.

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